? CK Design Technology Inc. - Linear Actuators
Mini Linear Actuators

Founded in 1994 CK Design Technology has been designing and manufacturing electro mechanical servos and control interfaces for builder of animatronics, ranging all the way to NASA engineers. CKDT manufactures modular systems that require no end user programming, and are fully factory tested for immediate installation. True “Plug and Pay”. The pride and joy over at CKDT is our Linear Actuators. Huge power in a small package, packing 400 (lbf) within a 6 cubic square inch enclosure. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications. From simple pilot actuated systems, to complex un-manned control systems. Ideal components for use in RPV’s, ROV’s, and UAV’s of all types. CKDT products have been proven and many certificated under FAA and US Military standards.